Medinova is a med-tech innovation conference and exhibition for shaping health outcomes focused initially in Asia Pacific aimed at connecting med-tech innovators, healthcare funders and a melting pot for the complete ecosystem of global med-tech community.

In the context of Malaysia, it is in line with PM Tun Mahathir Mohamed’s vision of transforming Malaysia into an engineering, manufacturing and tech-focused nation to capitalise on Industry 4.0 in key sectors especially in sectors with high-disruptively like health.

  • Connect : Medinova is designed for individuals interested in forging new relationships for advancing healthcare. A variety of networking opportunities and events are offered throughout the event.
  • Ignite : Medinova is the place to turn ideas into realities. The idea to become a platform for decision makers, innovators, and investors to gather, pitch ideas and create more advance innovation for healthcare in the future.
  • Discover : Witness up-close-and-personal experience with a variety of start-up, emerging companies and technologies.
  • Celebrate : An evening that recognizes individuals and organizations that have made major contributions to the advancement of technology and innovations.


  • Conference: Medinova connects industry leaders to share insights and fresh perspectives. Key players from the tech start-up ecosystem will be talking on the current topics and discussing new ideas.
  • Spotlights : Startup player pitching for their newest invention product and services to the potential investors
  • Global Health Innovation Awards : To recognise the outstanding individuals for their steadfast commitment in the medical and healthcare innovations for better future.
  • Exhibitions : Empowering the startup ecosystem, brings together the most innovative and disruptive startups, along with the top corporations, government agencies, incubators, investors, VC funds, banks, students and technology companies around the globe.
  • Business Matching : Business matching are an adaptable and fast way to engage the ecosystem and corporate players in a meaningful networking discussions that truly relevant for their businesses.
  • B2B Networking Cocktail : Enjoying cocktail and canapes as you network with the industry players, startups, government agencies and investors to build connection and networking.
  • Knowledge Hub & Innovation Hub : This hub brings together competent authorities or government agencies in a common setting and enhances engagement with incumbent and new entrant institutions and other startups, technology providers and other relevant parties.
  • Pre Arranged MOU/MOA Signing : Pre Arranged MOU / MOU signing initiating formalisation collaboration between two parties to strengthen the cooperation towards one same goal.